Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Villa for Sale Solymania Gardens, Giza!

Villa for Sale Solymania Gardens, Giza!
Beside Zayedd 2000 & Karma 1 compounds
225 Sqm land size
186.5 net size
5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms
Semi furnished
Marbel floor
Kitchen without appliances
Gaz, Electricity and landline
Private Garden
Private Roof /Terrace
Price 3 650 000 EGP
For more details contact us - +201001407375

Monday, 24 December 2018

What is a real estate appraisal? Real estate valuation is the science that seeks to determine the value of real estate in all its forms (land, housing, shops, factories, farms) to reach market value in most cases. Access to the market value of real estate (Comparative Selling - Income Capability for Commercial Property - Costs) The comparative sales method is based on statistics to address the real real sales in the surrounding area of ​​the target property or area similar to the assessment. Comparative properties are closer to the subject subject to evaluation in quantitative and qualitative characteristics. The method of capitalization of income is the basic method of commercial real estate. It depends on the financial and accounting sciences and the financial analysis of the real estate, where the dependence on the value is based on determining the net income expected from the property after confirming the data according to the market. "Direct Capitalization Method" is the net income capitalization rate, DCF discount rate at the appropriate discount rate, while not ignoring the last value of the property. Finally, the "cost method", which relies on three branches of science

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Sunday, 23 December 2018

As a relocation company, we know how finding the proper international school and the process of the registration can be a very difficult process if you try to do it on your own, when relocating. In Comfort360 we do research on local private and public schools, allowing you to decide what is the best choice for your children. Your family’s happiness can impact you, so our goal is to make this relocation to Egypt a positive life experience.

Our providers’ educational consultants will be able to provide you with invaluable information and, with their variety of products, we are sure they have one that will fit your needs!

School searching service include:

· A list of international schools and kindergartens based on your wishes and language preferences.
· Information about the differences between the private, international and government schools to make your choice easier. Fees also vary depending on the education provided, the age and grade.
· Information on study techniques, school systems and acceptance requirements for the country to which you are relocating.
· All the necessary documentation and admission procedures for the selected school or kindergarten.
· School visits and registration. We arrange for you and your family a school or kindergarten visit, a tour of the whole facility, introduction to the study program and meeting with some of the future teachers of your children. The assigned person from the school will answer all your questions and concerns.

· Information about school transport and possibilities. Distance from your property or office to the school.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

El Yasmine Greenland villa for Sale

Land 630
Built area 267
(Ground floor 138
First floor 129)
Asking price 6,500.000 EGP
Fully air-conditioned , parket , wardrobes, complete kitchen
Upstairs: 3 bedrooms (one master with bathroom) + one living room + one bathroom serves the other 2 bedrooms
Downstairs : a big reception area + Kitchen + guest toilet +maid room with toilet

Duplex for Sale in Dokki

-->For Sale!
Duplex in Dokki, Giza
400 sq.m.
6 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
Wood floors
Oke doors
internal stairs oke wood
Aluminum windows
3 250 000 EGP
for details contact us +2 0100 140 7375

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

3 Br apartment Giza

-->Have a big family and pets wanna live near the Nile, near Downtown and have a nice city/Nile view?
We have just one question Do you like Cairo Tower?
Move-in to fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment right in front of Sea Gull boat in Giza.
You will have Orman Botanical Garden and a Zoo 10 min walking from your place, where you can spend a wonderful weekend with the family.

The apartment is fully furnished with all appliances:
3 bedrooms
3 balconies with Nile/ Cairo Tower view
5 bathrooms
Powder room and nanny’s room
Building Secuirty
Pets Allowded
for details contact us +2 0100 140 7375

-->This apartment is created for the person who loves having friends in his/her place!.
Why? the answer is below:
Location - Zamalek
Net size 220 sqm (!) with Nile view
2 bedrooms, 1,5 bathrooms
But the main thins is - HUUUUUUGE living area - check the video to see it by yourself!
Fully furnished
Rent it for $2000 for a long term.
For more details or seeing - contact us +2 0100 140 7375

Monday, 17 December 2018

What is Property management?

From tracking rent payments and carrying out regular inspections, to dealing with middle-of-the-night emergencies, legal paperwork and repairs, renting out a property can turn out to be a full-time job. And in this rushed life, where time is more precious than ever, relinquishing such responsibilities to Comfort 360- a property management service company will free up your limited time so it can be better spent.

If you’re looking to rent property out and are considering taking advantage of the services that a Comfort360 offers.

Property management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate. Management indicates a need to be cared for, monitored and accountability given for its useful life and condition. This is much akin to the role of management in any business.

Property management is also the management of personal property, equipment, tooling, and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair, and maintain end item deliverables. Property management involves the processes, systems, and manpower required to manage the life cycle of all acquired property as defined above including acquisition, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization, and disposition.

Why you should use Property management company:

1. First Things First: Better Tenants
While you can always evict a problematic tenant from your property, it’s an extra hassle and you are much better off never accepting them in the first place. Not only do real estate agencies offer a bigger pool of applicants seeking houses or apartments to rent, but they also know the importance of a thorough screening process in order to narrow the list down to tenants who pay on time and are likely to cause less problems.

2. More Freedom, Less Headaches
Using a property management service allows you to travel wherever you want and go about your day without the constraint of needing to be in your property’s vicinity in case something crops up. Short lets are particularly demanding, and anyone who has ever rented out their property knows the hassle of expecting to be available round the clock in case your tenants can only move in at an awkward time, or find themselves in awkward situations, such as being locked outside in their underwear.

3. Tighter Rent Collection Process
Since property managers serve as an intermediary between owners and tenants, a property owner can keep a professional distance from their tenants and avoid being too lenient on certain issues such as timely payments. Tenants accept that managers are only doing their job, having no other option but to enforce the lease terms should payments be made late.

4. Fewer Legal Problems
Riddle me this: how many troublesome tenants does it take to cause legal and financial hassle? Just one. In the event that an eviction becomes necessary, an experienced property manager is armed with the knowledge of the latest landlord-tenant laws and will know how to handle it in a way that will save time and costs, while staying within the boundaries of the law to ensure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable to a potential lawsuit.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Nice villa for rent in Maadi

Nice villa for rent in Maadi
- 300 square meter whole area with inside area 200 square meter on two floors with 3 bedrooms , three bathroom with one master room and Guest bathroom
- Fully furnished with high quality furniture.
- Garden .
- Inflatable pool with 5 meter diameter.
- Private parking area outside the villa.

Price $3000 

Thursday, 6 December 2018

ما هو التقييم العقارى ؟

ما هو التقييم العقارى ؟

التقييم العقاري هو العلم الذي يبحث في تحديد القيمة للعقارات بكافة أشكالها من (أراضي - مساكن - متاجر - مصانع - مزارع) للوصول إلى القيمة السوقية في معظم الأحيان؛ ويعتمد الوصول للقيمة السوقية للعقارات إلى (علم وفن وخبرة) العلم يتمثل في اتباع الطرق العلمية وهي عبارة عن (بيع مقارن - رسملة الدخل للعقار التجاري - التكاليف )  طريقة البيع المقارن تعتمد على علم الإحصاء لمعالجة البيوع الحقيقية الحديثة في المنطقة المحيطة للعقار المستهدف أو منطقة مشابهة بالتقييم على أن تكون العقارات المقارنة أقرب للعقار موضوع التقييم في الخصائص الكمية والكيفية ويتم عمل الضبطيات والتعديلات اللازمة وفقاً للطرق العلمية، طريقة رسملة الدخل هي الطريقة الأساسية للعقارات التجارية وتعتمد على العلوم المالية والمحاسبية والتحليل المالي للعقار حيث يتم الاعتماد للوصول إلى القيمة على تحديد صافي الدخل المتوقع من العقار بعد التأكد من المعطيات وفقاً للسوق؛ وتنشق من تلك الطريقة أساليب متعددة منها "طريقة الرسملة المباشرة" وهي عبارة عن صافي الدخل ÷ معدل الرسملة، و"طريقة خصم النقود المستقبلية" DCF عند معدل الخصم المناسب مع عدم تجاهل القيمة الأخيرة للعقار تلك الطريقة يفضل استخدام برنامج Excel. وأخيراً "طريقة التكاليف" والتي تعتمد على ثلاثة فروع من العلوم هي محاسبة التكاليف والهندسة بالإضافة إلى الإحصاء لتحديد قيمة الأرض. أو طريقة القيمة المتبقية التي تعتمد على رسملة الدخل والمحاسبة.  يتم احتساب قيمة إنشاء العقار وقت التقييم طبقا للحالة القائم عليها ( قيمة استنساخ للواقع) مع خصم الإهلاكات المتنوعة إن وجدت،

🔷Car registration in Cairo 4 Expats🔷

🔷Car registration in Cairo 4 Expats🔷

➡ Did you know that Egyptian government change some  rules/guidelines for any expat living/working in Egypt whom need to register or renew his car license!!

➡ Did you know that they not considered any more any letter from your embassy in Cairo to prove your current residence & and the same for your HR company letter !!

🅰 Then you need a consultant feeding you with all update information and make issue of your new licences more smooth as its contains some regular consequence steps after preparing all documents need.

🅱That all above and all what you need to know for the settling services through our ✅  E-Hotline  or you fill your request online through:✅
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